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/Communications and Media

1. Digital Content Development

Website content is the words and images which make up your webpages. Almost every piece of content you add to your site impacts in multiple ways

Content is designed to engage those who visit your site. Informing them, convincing them,telling them to buy, sign up, or share Content is really important to search engines. Is it current, is it optimised, is it relevant? and if it’s a blog or news post then you’ve got social media to think about too. Is it good enough to share?  We Make sure your content works on every level.

2.Digital Marketing and Social Media Consulting

In modern times a world without digital marketing and social media has become unimaginable. And it’s evolving fast. At AMBAND, we generate solutions based on our understanding of our clients, audiences and interactions. We assist with everything from digital and social media strategy through to digital newsletters and the design and maintenance of websites.

We combine our digital expertise with pragmatism. For most businesses a great website is essential, but for some Facebook and Twitter are just not right. We can help you save time and money by focusing your efforts on the right channels for your business.

We develop or update a website. Establish a strong social media presence using single or multiple channels. Engage customers in innovative ways. Monitor media opinion and trends. Discover opportunities before your competitors. Hear the conversations going on about your business. Measure social media ROI. Implement Search Engine Optimisation.


3.Media and Public Relations

We tailor our content to find the most suitable ways to deliver your message.

We specialized in; Drafting & distributing press releases. News feature writing and presentation to select media. Organizing interviews. Group & One-one interviews. Media training for media conferences / interviews and Media liaison.

4. Advertising

We offer full range of mar-comms requirements not limited to advertising. With a combined experience in PR and advertising, our range of services include:

Market Research and Creative Design Testing. We ensure that our creative works will work in the market placement and segmentation. This helps in ensuring brand visibility as well as strategic placing. In advertising we are also able to provide target audience analysis to ensure ROI. Through production we will ensure quality check and deliver all advertising materials at competitive and comprehensive levels.

5. Brand Marketing and Strategies

We create a stronger corporate or personal brand identity. Understand the perception of your brand Negotiate partner and co-branding opportunities. Develop and implement below and above the line marketing campaigns. Target prospects or influencers in your sector. Launch new products. Drive customer numbers. Break a high-profile story. Network or reward customers, Rebrand your company

6. Corporate Communications

We bring fresh eyes to your business and help you to consider the bigger brand.

A great idea is nothing without execution. We’ll show you how everything fits together to form a successful communications campaign. And we’ll help you work out when, how and with whom you need to communicate.

We establish your communication objectives. Analyse the competition. Prioritise your target audience. Develop and deliver key messages. Identify the right communication channel mix. Execute a campaign. Build a multi-year communication plan. Cultivate strong media relations for you and your team. Build your brand through strategic press coverage. Become the ‘go to’ expert in your industry.

7. Content Management

Good content firm has always been about creating and promoting relevant content, but a solid content management strategy is more important than ever in today’s cluttered digital environment.

For our clients, a content management strategy typically means the creation of various forms of content developed to be relevant to a company’s most valuable audiences, usually customers and stakeholders. Skilfully crafted blog posts, by-lined articles, videos, images, and more can help the organization attract, engage, and inform those all-important audiences.


8. Audio Visual Production

Our experienced team of videographers provide total concept, scripting, and development of corporate and videos.

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