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We are an innovative and dynamic information technology company that prides itself by offering bespoke and “out of the box” IT related solutions to our clients.

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Amband offers the following services to our clients; Software and website development, ICT consultancy, ICT support and maintenance, Monitoring and Evaluation, IS audit and IT governance.

Security Products

Amband offers a variety of security services ranging from Absolute software, stoptrack and CCTV installation and maintenance.


Big data brings together data from many disparate sources and applications.


Amband offers the following solutions to our clients; Asset management system, Hospital Management Information Systems, Academic and student management systems.


Amband offers the following RFID solutions;

  • Supply chain management
  • Asset/ inventory management
  • Document/ file tracking
  • Production automation
  • Healthcare
  • vehicle tracking and management

Professional ICT research Consultants.

Mobile App Development

Leverage our mobile application development teams to develop novel apps, which can help you to scale-up your businesses.

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