What we offer

Amband offers a variety of Information Technology services from;

01. Website And Software Development

Developing Responsive, mobile Friendly Websites

Website design & development is a process that has different steps taken to create, launch and make a website accessible.

02. ICT Consulting Services

We Provide Expert Advice To Clients

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become critical business tools, essential in any workplace, educational or entertainment environment.

03. Business Process Reengineering

We reengineer your business to success

Business process re-engineering (BPR) is a business management strategy,  focusing on the analysis and design of workflows and business processes within an organization. At Amband We aim to help organizations fundamentally rethink how they do their work in order to improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors.

04. IT Support

We offer IT support and maintenance services to our clients.

We are regarded as the “go-to” service provider by organizations as we provide friendly customer service; our qualified & highly competent technicians work fast to get your equipment serviced and ready as quick as possible.

05. IS Audit and Governance

We Audit your information System To enhance your business

Information technology or Information systems audit, is an examination of the management controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure. The evaluation of obtained evidence determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively to achieve the organization’s goals or objectives.

06. Cyber Security

AMBAND’s goal is to help clients to protect their ICT Assets and information from hackers.

The growth of cybercrime means businesses of all sizes need to rethink their approach to the security of their ICT infrastructure and information. The growth of cyber crime is largely attributed to its faceless nature (one cannot see the hackers), it is borderless (there are no geographic limitation), growing use of technology in profit, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions and governments.

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